This is a #MUSTREAD post

How symbolic can this colour be?? Please consider this a red alert moment! So often we forget to the do the simplest things regarding the prevention of breast cancer.  It only takes a few minutes to self examine your breast or let your doctor know instead.  This october  Nestlé Fitness is asking women to join the campaign, by calling on them to share a #HandsOn picture of themselves on social media, as a sign of support for the cause and to encourage breast self-examination.

One way or another we have all experienced a similar event in our personal lives, whether it be ourselves or our loved ones. For this reason, I coudn’t miss participating in such an important cause through my social media platform. I will kindly ask all ladies in here reading my post,  to leave their mobile devices and immediately do the self examination test . I will be more than happy to motivate you do the test or participate through your social media chanels in this campaign. Let’s ensure this goes viral, don’t forger the hashtag #CheckChain! 

*We are in this together <3

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