My instagram followers are already aware of all my latest style addictions and especially my new pair of vinil  oxford shoes. It was definitely a pair I loved from the very first moment, but I wasn’t sure how, and if, they could find their place in my busy wardrobe and my everyday styling! Suprisingly, and in good time, they became my first shoe choice and my best travel accessory.

Truthfully, these are not my first pair of oxfords, however for reasons still yet unknown to me, they ended up in the corner of my wardrobe labelled, “favorites with no luck”!I highly doubt I’m the only person on this planet which buys something and wears it immediately. You know exactly what I mean 😉 

During my stay in NYC I was wearing them almost every day! It’s amazing how easily you can match them with anything and almost anywhere you go!  Sunday brunch wearing my favorite  girly dress and my oxfords, museum visting with my cigarette pants and my oxfords, business meetings with my stretch jeans, a suit jacket and my oxfords!!!

Wearing them gives you a sense of absolute comfort, transforming you into  a confident lady, with attitude and personality! Prove me wrong , history says that Oxford shoes, during the twenties, became icons of female empowerment and independence. Now I understand why!


I’ am wearing : 

 outwear: Samsoe Samsoe

Jacket : Tahari

top:  Banana Republic

cigarette pants:  BSB

shoes: Frateli Karida

Bag: Michael Kors


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