When looking at the colour gold I must admit  I’m not its greatest fan. Considering that I have a darker complexion and thus a real brunette, I mostly prefer to wear gold during the Summer and silver in the Winter seasons.  Recently, I have been giving much more importance to the various shades of gold, not too yellow , not too shiny, but classy enough to light up my face especially in the Summer.

Last weekend I took these pictures before my last swim for the season (I hope there are more swims left however the weather isn’t looking good). I felt like a queen, surrounded by millions of Autumn’s gold shades,  matching my beach styling to a tea. I have found that Autumn Gold is my favorite shade! Isn’t it funny how nature always has the answers you are looking for.

*These earrigns were the only of the three pairs I bought online, that look exactly as seen. Unfortunately the other pairs were not worn due to poor quality despite their expensive price tag.   Be very careful  when shopping for  jewelry online. 😉 

*A Big thank  you to Hotel Perrakis and Menta88fm for the amazing weekend in Andros.

I’m wearing:  

beachwear: Lynne

bikini: Lida

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