Yes , I do belong to the girl group who hates wearing tights… all types of tights! It took me  a lifetime of  daily discomfort, snagging and tearing, to understand that the only way is not to wear tights at all! On so many occassions as I was preparing to go out and about, I would realise that after a few minutes, my new pair of tights were too short! What a huge dissapointment! There is a whole market based on tights and socks, which I most certainly am not a great fan.

So, answering the most common question people constantly and annoyingly ask:

“Oooh aren’t you cold?”

“No, I’m not cold, we are living in Greece darlings!”

Greek weather supports my bare legged style,  but even when I have to wear them , I prefer  opaque tights  and over the knee socks. One thing I cannot deny, is that they are still an essential and  necessary accessory to create seasonally-appropriate outfits. Today’s look is breaking my anti tight rules for many reasons. Apart from the chilly weather in NYC, bold mini skirts such as these, are best worn with tights as featured in my pictures. Tights helped me create a daytime casual look with a boho twist! Do you like it?

*It took me centuries to put it on, trying to find the right side!!! #neveragain 😉

I’am wearing: 

top: Banana Republic

jacket: Guess

skirt: BSB

sneakers: Massimo Dutti

earings: Sakto Leono

credits: Break Through Media

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