Dreaming I could have had a moment on this dock right now! Skaloma is one of my favorite summer destinations. Once you visit this small village which is surrounded it by the sea, you are almost hypnotised by the green sea colour and you forget about everything. Wish I could have taken more photos but  a kid was waiting almost angry to jump into the sea! Of course after finishing the shooting I jumped too. Messy wavy hair, tanned skin and my bikini all day long ! Oh Summer I miss you <3


lace jumpsuit: j’aime les garcons / WY Stores

shell bracelet: Fishbone Desigh

Estia traditional woven backpack : Loom Handmade

sandals: Laidback London



2 Comments on Sunbathing

  1. nvalvi
    18 February 2016 at 16:18 (7 years ago)

    I’m counting backwards for Summer!! I love your blog.. you are such a stunning lady !!

    Kisses from sunny Greece


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