This is one of the few times you will see me wearing a sweater, but trust me, this time I couldn’t handle the cold without it!! 🙂 One of the reasons I avoid to wear sweaters, is that in Greece we have perfect weather (oh yes we do ),  unless travelling to our mountains . In addition to this , I dislike the itchy feeling of the wool on my body and the fact that you can only wear heavy coats on top. And guess what, forget about accesorising with jewelry!!! It’s almost impossible to wear anything unless you want to lose it 😛

Nevertheless, no more complaints and thanks to this amazing  blue sweater I did the abosolute snow color blocking and I managed to take for you these bombastic pictures with my smile and of course keeping my body warm. <3

ps: Hugs just feel a thousand times better!!!


I’m wearing:

sweater: Giorgia.P

jeans: American Eagle 

boots: Tamaris 


out and about :

homewear by  LIDA LINGERIE

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