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froufrou bellevie


street style: colour predominance

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  • who: Pippa, Nurse
  • what: skirt/zara~ shoes, jacket/miss selfridge~top, bag, sunnies/ top shop
  • where: London, Covent Garden

                                                        “Love everything” read more

An old fashioned girl

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  How could she make him notice her?   Patience knew she couldn’t be more different form the sort of women Dutch surgeon Julius van der Beek seemed to attract. After all she was a quiet country girl with a somewhat unique taste in clothes — and an assertive personality to match! Yet she was attracted to him. Not that she had a hope of making him notice her, particularly with the glamorous Sylvia van Teule already at his side. . .             Broadway Market, London Photos by Nassia Valvi   read more

Winter pastels

Ανοιχτές αποχρώσεις και Χειμώνας δεν σας κολλάει ε?? Κι όμως  τα ανοιχτόχρωμα ρούχα και αξεσουάρ το Χειμώνα δίνουν άλλη χάρη άλλον αέρα. Ευνοούνται  ιδιαιτέρα και οι σκουρόχρωμες επιδερμίδες που πάντα τους χαρίζουν τα φωτεινά χρώματα. Μην φοβηθείτε να τα συνδυάσετε με τα κλασσικά παστέλ και μαύρα! Προσοχή μη το παρακάνετε και χαθεί αυτή η αίσθηση της κομψότητας που προσδίδουν!   Το κορίτσι μας στο Λονδίνο, η  Μαρία Λιάτου, μας στέλνει υλικό απευθείας από τους δρόμους της βροχερής  πρωτεύουσας.  Ας πάρουμε ιδέες λοιπόν!   As long as you are dressing appropriately in conjunction with the weather, you can wear white and pastels during the fall and winter.  After all, fashion is about knowing your personal style and what feels right on you, so step out of the rule box and beautify your fall and winter attire with pastel and white accessories to add a little oomph into your style.   The pastel rule states that dark skinned girls look great in lighter, more “creamy” tones, while women with lighter skin color should go for coffee tones and richer pastel shades.The most important rule of pastel shades is not to overdo with their “sweet” manner. Do not be afraid to mix pastel colors with neutral  and black ones.    Maria Liatou Johnson ,our precious London girl, sends us feedback straight from London streets! So let’s explore wearing and matching white and light colored  clothes and accessories  in the Winter!       London Photos by Maria Liatou Johnson                                                                             read more

A very stylish affair..

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..But underneath his movie-star good looks, he’s battling with the demons of his past. No one knows the real Nathaniel, they only see the pinup, the illusion he pretends to be. read more

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