February found me in freezing NYC, stylish and warm! How is it possible without looking overdressed and too bulky? Well , its not hard when you shop smart by investing your money in quality and classy clothing. It’s not about having many different items , its about having one that turns heads and is worth every euro you saved to buy it!

When it comes for shopping, try to invest into the things that attract your attention first,  when something catches your eye.  You first notice the outwear, that’s why it has to be fabulous, and then come the accessories, shoes and bags. Do you agree with me? This fury coat is the best value for money buy I’ve made in the last 3 years!

*By the way during this photoshoot at Bryant Park everyone was asking over and over again about the coat and the dress of course! 

Fury coat : PKZ Furs

dress: Peace & Chaos

boots: Prada

credits: Brake Through Media 

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