Ok, this photoshooting happened on  a “grey” day. The sea was rough, the sky was “wicked” and I was the girl in blue!! So funny and strange being the only one that can give a little color on a dark canvas painting. If the sun was shining, the sky and the sea would probably fill my pictures with different shades of blue, but now I’m all alone! 🙁 Well, my sister was trying to take some pictures of me and I think she was completely mad at me, while her camera was getting wet from the annoying drizzle . She was shouting all the time ” Ηey Nas, think something nice, something that makes you smile or just think blue ” !!! 

*I think  my new happy thinking quote was just born: “Think blue “.

SIGNUPSI’m wearing: plaid midi skirt: Molly Bracken, wavy sweater: Ted Baker, boots: Migato, clutch : Save my Bag

mua: Elisavet Arvanitides


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