Hello everybody,

I’m super happy when I  have the chance to show you different styling tips on  my blog posts. Whilst I unashamedly scour through fashion blogs on a regular basis , I do so with the view of formulating ideas and adjusting my style even further. This is exactly what i want for my followers also, to help inspire new horizons with their everyday lifestyle choices. 

My style today is  dual chrome and  minimal , easy to accessorise with jewels and other items. You can add many accessories with this look (which for some may seem exaggerated), but still look classy. I decided to play with my latest belt addiction  and add not one, but three little belts, in the same colour tones with my outfit. I found it to be a truly inspirational idea, which I am happy to share with all my fashionistas in here!! So, what are your thoughts? Please leave me your comments and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @nassydeval <3

I’m wearing:

maxi blouse: Denny Rose

Lips: LANCÔME, L’absolu Rouge 507, Dramma Matte

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