It is Impossible for me not to escape at least for a weekend,  during the month of September. The weather is amazing and you can finally relax and enjoy Greece’s natural beauties and quality services. My first escape was in the island of Lefkada which is quite close to my hometown, Nafpaktos.

The first pictures are taken above egkremni beach, one of my favorite beaches known worldwide for its incomparable beauty. Unfortunately the area was closed due to  rock falls and construction works taking place. Following egkemni beach is the most famous spot in the world , Porto Katsiki, and yes I couldn’t resist taking my ‘touristy’ kind of pictures for your eyes only!

September’s girl wishes you an Autumn full of surprises , the good ones I mean, new things, emotions and creativity! 

I wear:

handmade handbag: Ops Handcrafted

sunnies: Med Luxurious Label

bikini: Despi Beachwear

shorts: Kilo Shop

top : Chic &Cheap


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