Hello from New York City!

It feels amazing to be back in the big apple, enjoying time with friends and rediscovering areas unknown, as I am sure many of you have seen on my snapchat or instastories. Thankfully, the weather has yet to reach its low temperatures, however it is still much cooler than Greece. It was only one week ago that I shot this outfit in Athens, which would have been impossible to do so in New York. After seeing these photos I realised how suprisingly romantic and sexy this outfit is! Although the skirt is a maxi, it leaves much to the imagination! Don’t you think? 😉 This outfit truly shows that this season could not have closed better. You need only put on your favourite leather jacket and the world is yours to conquer. 




I am wearing :

Daisy Skirt by Pinelopi Fashion

California Poppy Top by Pinelopi Fashion

Hole choker/Pendant  by 3rd Floor

over knee boots by Prada/ Kalogirou shoes



1 Comment on Romantic End

  1. Rita
    3 November 2016 at 21:26 (7 years ago)

    Super sexy παρόλο που δεν σε έχουμε συνηθίσει στα ροζ!



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