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One day left for Christmas and few for leaving back 2014. Well these days I made a decision not to leave anything negative change my mood. There’s nothing more important than being happy and calm these jolly days. Close mobiles, take two days off, keep good friends next to you and final put color in your style! Color always makes us feel better!

 If you see me wearing a colorful lipstick it’s because I might woke up moody!! 😉 Ok today I feel totally me wearing this fantastic colorful poncho! Warm and colorful exactly what I need 🙂

My love, Nassy

wearing: coat/ poncho: Boho by Christiana Verouka, boots: Sante Shoes, necklaces: Ukka Lelle

make up/hair: Giouli Beveratou, photos:Thanos Athanassiou


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