Hello Sifnos 

I couldn’t miss spending some of my Summer holidays in my second home ,Sifnos ! They used to say that wherever you go for more than ten years, it is supposed to be more familiar than your real home, right? Sifnos will always have a special place in my heart  and I wish some day in the future to have my own little place on this Cycladic island. Until then, I best   stick to showing you my new bikinis!!!  😛  

For the whole summer, I was desperately looking for a metalic bikini, shiny and classy exactly like this. I had the chance to try it in Sifnos at Oasis Contemporary Fashion Store and I got really excited with the color and the design. I got it immediately , like it??

bikini :RIEN by Penny Vomva

vest Dress: Anamnesi.co



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