Hello lovers!!

Hitchcock tales is the place were everything can happen!! Let me tell you my little secret story explaining my smily face on the photos!! Well, I was ready to shoot this outfit, sitting in this wonderfull coffee place, waiting pationately for the photographer to end his phone call! While I was looking outside I suddenly saw a familiar face on his motorbike checking the place, looking curious inside! I stared at him and I realised that was I guy I was interested in some months ago, but for some reasons I didn’t  give us a chance!! We said a quick hello and he left with a certain grim on him face almost saying ” you had your chance!!”.  Even through I never pursuit a relationshioship wiht this guy, seeing him right away a little part of me wanted to run after him!! This supposed to be a love crush , right??



Wearing: lace dress: Maggie Sweet , handbag : Quitana, militaire jacket from a vintage shop in paris,eye necklace : Lina Gavra, boots; River Island, beanie: Benetton for men


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