As you might be guessing  I’m one among the millions of David Bowie’s fans! The artist that made us feel not- so-alien, the artist that made us feel that it was ok to be different with his excessive talent. In comparison to other musicians, David Bowie is a bit closer to us. We all have identified ourselves with one or another persona, from those he embodied from time to time . How true is that? He was a freak, he was bysexual, he was Ziggy, he was  an artist, he was a fashion influencer, he was the white Duke, he was revolutional , he was all in one!

After the latest news about his death, I went back to my record collection trying to check out if I have The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust album. Lenon, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones were all there, except Bowie. I checked all the possible places but unfortunately my memory was cheating me badly .

Wrong to believe that  just one of his records will make me feel better right now.  Everyday I whisper his songs , I play them while djing and I can’t remember how many times they have accompanied my more personal moments, supporting  one hundrend percent my need for change. 

He is in my heart.. but yes I feel a little more alien..

Goodbye love

Didn’t know what time it was the lights were low oh how…


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