Winter is here and my latest addiction  is the long oversized sweater, the one and only piece of my wardrobe that makes me feel warm and safe when the weather is chilly.  I Just love how easy you can wear it on top of anything as your main outwear. I chose a long, high neck sweater, worn almost as a mini dress (ok Im a tall girl ).   I tried it with my long lace see- through skirt. To be honest that was a hot tip that came from stylish girlfriend Jessica 🙂 

I couldn’t imagine how cool the final outfit would look. Lace gives a pinch of light to an almost total black look and that  makes it special ! That’s why I named  it “Hot see-through”! Although the main body is covered, bare legs make our fantasy travel, making it hotter than hot!!  

*Don’t ever try it with opaque tights. Wear instead a pair of longer socks!  

SIGNUPSI am wearing: 

Oversized sweater by H&M

back pack by Ju’sto

Chandelier necklace by 3rd Floor Jewels

lace skirt similar at Polyvore

boots similar at Mortoglou



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2 Comments on Hot See Through

    • nvalvi
      20 January 2016 at 21:22 (8 years ago)

      Hooray horray!!! 🙂 Thank you so much gorgeous!
      Keep up the good work



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