Hello June!!

First post for this month and I can’t hide my happiness! I can finally walk barefoot with messy hair no matter what!! By the way, this weekend, I’m going to welcome Summer officialy with a short city break. My destination is secret till my next post! Except if you already follow me on Instagram @nassydeval 😉

I can only tell you that is the most popular summer destination in Greece!Are still try to guess?? Ok!! It’s the most beautiful Cycladic Island!! Well my empty suitcase still waiting for me to fill it!! 

 Bye bye loves!!


Make up/hair : Eirini Blani,photo credits/ Thanos Athanassiou, many thanks to Efthimia Blani

              pencil skirt/ Dna Stars , heels/ Sante Shoes, top/, bag: Maryholic

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