A little bit wild, a little bit rock but most of all casual, is my styling for Favela’s new store at Halandri. One of the coolest on line stores with a variety of choices, opened its second official store at Halandri, where you can find the outfit I wear today and many other amazing pieces. Hard to choose between so many brands of clothing, shoes and bags! You want them all! Once you get in the store you can’t go out with empty hands! This is an outfit you can wear on everyday basis, but I made it more interesting by adding some metalic details! Details always make the difference 😉 Like it ? Leave me your comments and follow me at snapchat @nassydeval <3 


I wear:

sandals: Jeffrey Cambel

leggings: PCP Genesis 

top: Somedays Lovin

backpack: Anna Smith

necklace/ring : 3rd Floor


ATH_0693fbATH_0699fb ATH_0713fbATH_0716fb ATH_0717fb

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