belt : vintage

knitwear and striped trousers: zara

platform shoes: de.bour



Make up : Eirini Blani

Photos: Angelina Valvi

Creative Direction: Efthymia Blani




Angelina Valvi Photo 130102 DSC 3557 1fb




Angelina Valvi Photo 130102 DSC 3549 1fb



 Who said that only Weekends are for going out ? Nights in Athens are like the weather , unexpected! Doing it right though, especially on workdays, may seem like a big hassle but it’s not! Play with black & white. Yes! Get all the looks on you and be the star with just a trick! Stripes it is! Remember to keep the rest of the outlook simple & the night is yours to enjoy!






Angelina Valvi Photo 130102 DSC 3552fb





 Thank you Deppy Bournazou!


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