A bit tired and confused but still here. This period I’ve spent most of my time as a street style reporter for Full Life mag and I’m so excited.  After three and a half years blogging for froufroubellevie I have the opportunity to show my work as a street fashion photographer. For the first I have my own column where I can express myself, showing the best outfits in Athens and not only. It’s a fact that as the blog is growing up, expectations and needs grow up together with it. So , before I go I have kept the most imortant thing for the end: ” Always believe in your dreams, work hard and you can Achieve anything”

 My love. N

shoes: Sante Shoes /dress: Karavan/ hat: h&m/ rings: Prigkipw

photo credits: Thanos Athanassiou

ATH_4997fbtr ATH_5010fbtr ATH_5014fbtr

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