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Hello from Monastiraki!!

As you know Monastiraki is my lovely hometown from my mom’s side. It’s the place I’ve spent most of my Summers and is famous for it’s natural  beauty and amphitheatrical position. It is built between Koumaros mountain and Korinthian sea. For that reason last years the phenomenon of rockfalling has increased. The authorities decided to build these agly cement bars to avoid rock avalanches to protect the people. I know it’s a matter of safety but I really can’t get used of it .On my way back from my jogging and I just coulndn’t face the change of scenary! How is it possible such a beauty to be hidden behind bars!! 🙁

*Thank god Sifis (my dog) ,my new buddy, was with me during this shoot!!

My love! 


swimsuit by Lida Lingerie

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