mom: hello hon!!

me:Hello Mommy how are you?

mom:Well, Nassia I follow up your blog posts and I think you should give more of yourself! I  can see, most of the times, only one part of your personality coming out! What’s the matter with you??

me: Mom hold on a sec, since when you read my blog posts?

mom:You are beautiful, sexy, funny, smart and I want to see it!! Just be yourself! Thank you!


 After that call I wanna say “hello mom, this post is dedicated to you with lots of love! Can’t wait to see your comment’s mommy! Use the yahoo email I made for you” <3

Much love


wearing: Stella Ceres: , shirt: Royal Rag, boots: Sante Shoes, wishbone necklace: GP jewellery designer

hair/mua: Giouli Beveratou/ credits: Thanos Athanassiou photography


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