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Happy Monday

Today is one of those days that I can’t give up of my sporty chic  mood! Here are some little secrets to succeed !! Fist rule is to wear your favorite sports shoes especially if you enjoy walking in the city, than taking a taxi!!  Second rule to keep it elegant is using classic lines and colors!! Third and last is always to put your personal touch to what you wear! Remember the simplest outfit can look so special on you with a tiny little detail 🙂 I’ve choosen Aumorfia’s polygons cause remids me the geometric collages I was addicted to when I was a school girl 🙂

My love


mua/hair: Eirini Blani, photo: Thanos Athanassiou, thanks to Efthymia Blani

          sneakers/bag: zara, trousers/top:h&m, necklace: Aumorfia

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