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Today I’ll tell you a story about my traveling experiencies. As long as I can  remember me travelling  I’ve always enjoy watching what people wear. You can discover a million of things  about the culture of the people and their behaviour though the way they are dressed. What I remember strongly is a lady in Rome wearing a big hat with the simplest outfit!! I try to figure out why I still remember her and I think that it’s not what she was wearing, but her strong character coming out of her personal styling. Then I realised that wearing a hat is not worn so much in Greece and that;s not ok with me. A hat can always add to an outfit turn it from simple to interesting!! If not a hat then what?? 🙂 🙂


 Wearing: boots/ hmls , necklace: χάριεν, rings: prigkipw, dress: Monaco Princess, hat: h&m


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