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For Funk Shake!

Feather me fancy!

Angelina Valvi Photo 130102 DSC 3474a
Feeling really happy to show you my inspirational outfits on Christmas Holidays! ho ho ho! Special thanks to my girls  Eirini, Efthymia and of course my sister Angelina who helped me make it happen!  Do you like the knitwear with Deppy’s glamorous heels! Yes or No? Leave us your comments!! :))  

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London’s favourite!

Down the Rabbit hole.

down the rabbit hole 800

The expression comes from Alice in Wonderland where Alice fell down the Rabbit Hole into some bizarre trippy world. Therefore, it is commonly used as an expression for a portal to significantly strange happenings/extremely surreal situations out of which one comes renewed.. read more

Earn your Stripes!!!

Angelina Valvi Photo 130102 DSC 3557 1fb

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